Soaponica is a combination of 2 words : Soap and "nica". "Nica" in native Assamese tongue means "clean".

At Soaponica, we are constantly working on developing various world-class cleaning products. For last 3 years, Soaponica is evolving in capacity and product ranges.

Currently we are manufacturing a premium grade detergent powder. It defers from other competitors in detergency. We are using unique aroma for this, along with raw materials which we are procuring from reputed companies and biotech firms. Current production rate is 800 kg per day.

Apart from Detergent, we make other cleaning items like dish washing liquid soap and bar, handwash gel, floor cleaning solution, other surface cleaners etc. There are many products in testing phase.

We care for environment and society. Soaponica was created to create local employment. North East in India is a growing economy with many beauties of nature. It has many tourism spots and home to world famous Rhino. However, number of Industries for the youth is less as compared to many other states of India. We want to develop a world class brand with the minimal resources that we have. Soaponica is socially responsible for employment generation and product quality.

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